What is this site?

December 18, 2016

The question is real. What is the point of this website? Is it a blog? Is it a resume?

I guess we can call it a mixture. In January I will start my master thesis. As a preparation for this I have uncovered my Github account again, and preparing for both my thesis document as well as any coding work. In relation to this task I expect to setup a few things that are not given a ‘quick-start’ guide from the start. This blog will be a decent place to add these issues that arise, to help both me and others a similar situation.

My professional experience as a network admin has also evolved beyond the simple posts, so hopefully I can add some value to that community as well.

In the future I expect the topics to be a subsection of LaTeX, Palo Alto nuggets, Cisco configurations, SDN tools, and network automation configurations.